Character switcher for central European languages EN · D · PL · CZ

Suitable for Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Sorbian and Kashubian languages.

Computers always used to have problems with diacritical marks and special characters used in most European languages except for English. Among western languages there is little trouble today, but confusion is still great when you try to process e.g. Polish or Czech characters such as “ł” or “č” on western computers. When you receive e-mails or text files containing such letters, they often appear totally disfigured. If you have received such an illegible text, you may copy it into this edit box and click the “Switch”-button. Herewith, the most common codings of central European characters will be unscrambled, and your text will become readable.

Please insert the text to be unscrambled here:

If you get no satisfying result with the “Standard”-method, please choose a more suitable unscrambling method from the combo box.

This code switcher will work only with new operating systems and browsers.
From Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 5 on it should work. JavaScript must be activated.